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Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment

VersaBackTM Low Back Exercise System

The VersaBackTM combines a peanut shaped Swiss ball with a steel frame to effectively train the abdominal and lower back muscles. The VersabackTM was developed to provide you with controlled instability at the perfect height to safely give you a better workout, targeting the muscles you need to train. Because of it´s unique design, it is versatile enough to do a wide variety of core strengthening exercises and uses more muscle activity than either the Swiss ball alone or exercises done on the floor. Regular use of the VersaBackTM will strengthen muscles that stabilize your spine, which can significantly help reduce lower back pain.

By utilizing a stable, elevated base, the VersabackTM is safer than using a standard Swiss ball. It is easier to get on and off and will not roll away during exercises. Similar to the Swiss ball, the VersabackTM utilizes a flexible top surface necessary for stability training. The ball can be removed from the frame to add other ball exercises to your workout.

The steel frame supports up to 300 pounds. Exercise guide and ball included.

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