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Medicine Balls and Rebounder

Medicine Balls and Rebounder

The MediBallTM, the Original Gel-Filled Medicine Ball

MediBallsTM were engineered to be longer lasting, easier to see, and easier to handle than any other type of medicine ball. They can be used indoors, outdoors, and even in the pool.

Dozens of general and sport-specific exercises can be performed with medicine balls, and they are as much fun to use as they are versatile. Medicine ball training can form the core of a general strength training program, can be used to improve ball handling or other sports skills, and can be used for the rehabilitation of physical injuries

MediballsTM are produced in six popular sizes, to allow performance of all exercises, from light one-handed throws to heavy two-handed push-presses.

Why Gel-Filled Medicine Balls Work Best

Gel-filled medicine balls combine a tough, but flexible outer shell with a semi-liquid gel center. Their compact and perfectly balanced shape make them easier to handle and their compliant surface flexes on impact, which greatly reduces the incidence of jammed fingers.

Old fashioned leather medicine balls are typically as large as a basketball and due to the way they are constructed, are always out-of-round and unbalanced. This makes them difficult for most people to handle.

A more recent change of the medicine ball is to mold it from solid rubber. This version is well balanced and considerably more durable than the previous leather versions, but it´s surface is hard and unforgiving. Playing catch with a rubber medicine ball is only slightly safer than playing catch with a bowling ball!

MediballTM originated the gel-filled medicine ball more than 15 years ago and manufactures six sizes, ranging from 2 lbs. to 15 lbs. Each ball´s weight is permanently molded into its surface, and its alert red color makes them easy to see.

The Best Way to Learn Medicine Ball Exercises

The best way to learn medicine ball exercises is simply to experiment with them on your own. If you are new to medicine ball training, and don´t have a coach to help you, we suggest that you purchase a good medicine ball training book. Our favorite is "Plyometric Exercises with the Medicine Ball", by Donald Chu. This classic instructional book is light on text, but includes scores of simply illustrated example exercises. It´s an excellent reference from which to experiment with medicine ball training.

The Importance of a Medicine Ball Training Partner

Medicine ball training involves many different throwing and catching exercises, and most of these exercises require you to have a training partner. Interaction with a training partner is also what helps make medicine ball training so fun.

When a human training partner isn´t available, MediBallTM´s Adjustable Angle Rebounder is a great stand in. It´s always ready when you are, it never tires, and it gives you instant feedback on the accuracy of your throws. Best of all, the Rebounder allows you to complete more throws in a given time period than you could with a human partner.

The Rebounder´s round design assures a consistently predictable return of the MediballTM. The Rebounder bed easily adjusts between horizontal and 60 degrees to adjust for various user heights and exercises. Best of all, the Rebounder comes with an integral ball caddy to hold all six sizes of our MediballsTM.

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